Science Fair Project Proves Brady Cheated in AFC Championship 2015

According to a 10-year-old’s science fair project, Tom Brady is in fact, a cheater. It’s science.

His project, based on the New England Patriot’s Quarterback and his use of underinflated footballs in 2015 AFC Championship Game verses the Indianapolis Colts, took first place. The Kentucky 10-year-old boy says his project could be enough to once and for all settle Deflategate.

Deflategate is one of the more controversial moments in modern day NFL. It involves the League and their conclusion that Brady knew deflated footballs were a part of the game back in 2015 to gain an advantage during offensive plays.

At first, Brady dismissed the accusation, claiming it to be ridiculous. Eventually, the team suspended Brady for four games and paid a $1 million fine as well as losing two draft picks.

Four years after the scandal, Millcreek Elementary School student, Ace Davis, tried his hand at proving Brady cheated on his own.

How the Science Fair Project Went About Proving Brady Cheated

In his science fair project, Ace explained that underinflated footballs provide a significant advantage in a game.

In order to do so, Davis and his family threw footballs of various states of inflatability in their yard. According to the results, Ace showed that the more inflated balls traveled the shortest distance. Meanwhile, the under-inflated footballs went the farthest distance.

This experiment proves that Brady and the Patriots would have had a clear advantage in the 2015 game had they used underinflated balls.

The conclusion of the project was clear: Tom Brady is definitely a cheater.

So impressed with Ace’s project, science-fair judges awarded him the win. The fourth grader had won the elementary-school science fair.

Should Ace ever meet Brady, the fourth grader would tell the quarterback to retire.

Ace also said he had a message for Brady, should they ever meet. He wants Brady to give him some of the money since he believes the quarterback doesn’t deserve it.

In the meantime, the Patriots are currently back in the AFC Championship Game this week. They beat the Kansas City Chiefs 37-31 in overtime. The team is slowly making its way towards Super Bowl LIII. As for now, they are set to play against the Los Angeles Rams in Atlanta at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium on February 3.