Fan Sues Kanye West, Settle Out Of Court

A fan was able to sue Kanye West, and the two were able to settle out of court. The initial lawsuit came about in 2016 due to false claims of The Life of Pablo only be available through Tidal.

Justin Baker-Rhett, the fan in question, signed up for a Tidal subscription so that he could stream the album. In a tweet from West, that is no longer available, he was saying that his album would never be on Apple. Also, that his album would never be for sale. According to West, the album was only available through a subscription to Tidal.

However, only a few later, The Life of Pablo was available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. Due to the album being available on different services, the fan felt that he had been conned into purchasing the Tidal subscription.

Fan Sues Kanye West For Lying About Album Availability

Though people can buy The Life Of Pablo almost anywhere, West’s statements at the time spoke on different exclusivity wars going on between streaming platforms. Many artists were in the process of trying to take their music back from Apple and Spotify. Tidal was supposed to be a more exclusive streaming source.

With there being a shift in Apple’s and Spotify’s attitudes towards artists, there have been some better deals made. Some the deals make it so that some of the artist newest tracks aren’t available right away for free streaming. Most albums are currently available on all streaming services. Artists such as Drake and Taylor Swift utilize exclusivity windows before making their albums available everywhere.

Currently, it is unclear whether or not the fan, Justin Baker-Rhett, received any cash payment from Kanye West. However, Kanye is no longer a big fan of Tidal. It looks as though the two are on the same side, as of now.