Record High Temps In Australia This Week

The northern hemisphere has been dealing with record colds over the week. Some temperatures were able to reach well below -53 Fahrenheit. However, in Australia, January was the continent’s hottest month ever on record!

According to the country’s Bureau of Meteorology, the mean temperature across Australia was way above 86 degrees Fahrenheit. These exceeding numbers were a first for the country.

Andrew, a senior bureau climatologist was able to give some insight into hot temps. He says that the heatwave conditions were affecting large parts of the country for most of January. According to Andrew and his team, records were broken for both the duration of the heat wave and for individual daily extremes.

Record Temperatures Leave Australia Feeling As Though They Were Close To The Sun

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, was able to record the hottest day ever for a major city on Jan. 24. Temps that day were able to reach 115.9 F.

Port Augusta, a town in southern Australia, was able to record a record high of 121.1 F. With only a population of 15,000, their temps were able to reach the highest anywhere.

Though 2005 and 2013 were warmer years, 2018 was the third-hottest year for the country.

Unfortunately, the sweltering weather was not good for animals in the country. Due to stress from the heat, bats were dropping dead from trees in Vicotria State. In New South Wales, bitumen roads were melting. Also in New South Wales, hundreds and thousands of fish died in two mass deaths. Both are linked to the extreme heat. A high-pressure system over the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand was a major contributor to the deaths of the animals.

Rainfall in Australia was also on the lower end. However, a monsoonal trough was able to bring flooding rain to the Queensland’s northern state. The city of Townsville has declared the situation to be disastrous.