Explosion in Illinois Leaves One Man Dead

An explosion in Illinois that was one for the history books. The explosion came out of nowhere, and people either died or were injured from the terrible incident. On Friday night, a man lost his life, and a woman was injured after their house exploded. They were residing on the north side of Sullivan. Sullivan is along County Road 1700N west of Jonathan Creek Road.

Investigations are still underway by the Illinois State Fire Marshal’s office. They want to be sure they find any evidence that can lead to the cause for the explosion.

Lynn Reed, a coroner for Moultrie County, was the one to announce the death of Lared L. Schrock who was 20 years old. Before his death, he was living in the home with his parents. Medical officials were able to right away that the young man was no longer alive. At first, they were thinking that the cause of his death was blunt force trauma from the explosion. However, Reed says that smoke inhalation was a significant factor as well.

Explosion At Amish Home Leaves One Dead

On Saturday, Sullivan Fire Department Chief Mike was able to announce that the depart got the first on the incident. On Friday, they had to go to 16 County Road 1700N in Moultrie County for a house explosion.

According to first responders, the house was in flames, and there was evidence of a massive explosion.

Firefighters were able to rescue one female from the burning building. Afterward, they were able to recover Schrock’s body. Both people were Amish.

As of now, there is no information on how the fire came to be. However, inspectors are believing that propane may be a factor.

Arthur, Bethany, and Lovington fire squads, as well as Sullivan firefighters, were able to clear the situation. Aso with them was a rescue team from Charleston.