Foul Ball Kills Woman At Dodgers Game

Foul balls are common when it comes to baseball. Because of the foul balls, every baseball team chose to install additional netting this season as a means to protect their fans. However, the netting at the Dodger Stadium wasn’t enough for one fan. 79-year old Linda Goldbloom was sitting on the first base side of home plate. On Aug. 8., she was struck in the head by a foul ball. Though she underwent emergency brain surgery, she died days later. Her cause of death was acute intracranial hemorrhage caused by blunt force trauma.

When it comes to Major League Baseball history, Goldbloom is only the third person to die from being hit by a foul ball. The last time someone died from a foul ball was in 1970. It just so happens that the incident was at the Dodger Stadium as well. The reason for teams putting up extra netting this year was because in 2017 a toddler was almost killed at the Yankee Stadium. However, Goldbloom’s seat was just above where the mesh stopped.

Foul Ball Strikes Woman’s Head At Dodgers Games, Dies Days Later

According to Jana Brody, Goldbloom’s daughter, ushers came down to ask if her mother was ok. She answered them, no, and EMT came and rushed her mother to the nearest hospital. While in the ambulance, Goldbloom threw up. In a statement from the Dodgers, they are deeply saddened over the death of one of their fans. There has been a resolution between the family and the Dodgers.

Brody chose not to comment on if there was a possible settlement. However, she says that it is time to re-examine the laws that protect teams from such incidents. There is fine print on baseball tickets that say that teams bear no responsibility if a bat or a ball strikes someone.