Rabies Kills Man, Family To Foot Bill

A 55-year-old father died from rabies back in November of 2017. However, now his family is facing a $50,000 hospital bill for receiving preventative vaccinations. The father, Gary Giles, was the first person to die from rabies in Utash since 1944. He got the disease after bats flew into him and his wife’s’ homes. His widow, Juanita, and 24 other family members were visiting him he was in the ICU.

According to Mrs. Giles, two days after the death of her husband was contacted by the Utah Department of Health. They were urging her and her family members to get vaccinations as soon as possible. Giles says that she was told not to worry about how much the shots were going to cost.

However, she showed news reporter the family bill of $50,000 for the vaccines. According to reports from Juanita Giles, she and her husband were allowing the bats to land on them and lick their fingers. They had no idea that some of the bats had rabies. She says she woke up to bats walking on her and her husband’s bed.

Rabies Vaccination Leaves Family Speechless

Unfortunately, on Oct. 19, Mr. Giles had to go to the emergency room. He was suffering from intense neck and back pain. He then began feeling tingling and numbness in his arms. His legs were having muscle spasms.

You have to receive four vaccinations when it comes tot he rabies shot. The CDC says that the extra shots are due days 3,7, and 25 after contracting the virus. Fortunately, no one else from their family contracted the virus. However, Giles wants to see change when it comes to billing people’s families.

She understands that the hospitals are trying to save people’s lives, but if you tell someone you are going to help them, you should stand by your words.

The hospital is currently in the process of working with the family to resolve the matter at hand.