Nuns Fighting For Their Rights At The Vatican

On Thursday, the most significant association of nuns in the U.S called for called an investigation on the male-led leadership structure in the Catholic Church. The reason being, Pope Francis has acknowledged publicly that there is a problem with bishops and priests for sexually abusing nuns.

There was also an appeal from the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. They are wanting better guidelines in place so that those that receive abuse from the men they are trusting can be met with safety and compassion.
The statement at the conference was about Francis earlier this week acknowledging clergy abusing nuns. The pope believes whole heartily that there is work ahead at the Vatican when ti comes to the sexual abuse.

Nuns Are Fighter For Their Rights At The Vacation After Allegations Of Sexual Abuse From Clergy

The conference’s statement followed Francis’ acknowledgment this week that clergy abuse of nuns was a problem. The pope says that Vatican is tending to the issue.

Eighty percent of Catholic Nuns make up the LCWR. They were grateful for Francis for shedding light on a situation that has been going for so long. Also, that for the most part, has been hidden from the public.

The group also said some religious congregations had been part of the problem and didn’t support sisters in coming forward to report abuse. The association was saying during the conference that they regret not investigating instances of violence more seriously. They believe that in doing so, they caused people to not come forward with their abuse allegations. Two recommendations were made during the conference at the Vatican. The first is a new reporting mechanism. The second is a refashioning of the church’s overall leadership structure. The sisters want there to be a reform of the clerical culture that will provide all clergy with power.