Boiling Water Challenge Harming Folks

Over the past couple of weeks, people have been participating in the boiling water challenge. Though it c looks cool, it is very dangerous. People are being sent to the hospital over the challenge. So far, eight people who have participated n the challenge have all had to receive burn treatments at Chicago’s Loyola University Medical Center burn center.

According to spokeswoman Chris Vicik, their injuries were on their hands, feet, arms, and the degree levels were varying. Parents were even going out with heir kids to do the challenge. The kids were excitedly walking away as the parents were throwing up the water. Some people were waiting for a gust of wind to blow to throw the water up in the air. However, the wind was blowing the water back into the parents’ faces causing injury.

Some people were going outside without minimal clothing on, posing a risk of them getting frostbite. Temperatures in Chicago we well below 21 degrees at some points. Adding in the fact that they were getting water on their skin accelerates the freezing process.

Boiling Water Challenge Sends People To Burn Centers

According to doctors, the gamut runs from being burned by the hot water to being exposed to the cold air. Even having water on your freezes fast in cold weather. The challenge in itself is pretty asinine.

However, Treating patients depends on the severity of their burns. The most common burns are first and second degree to the hands causing pain and blisters. However, some people were in need of skin grafts due to the severity of their burns.

When it comes down to it, just watch a video of the boiling water challenge instead of embarking on it yourself. Though it may seem tempting, doctors highly recommend against going outside and throwing boiling water on yourself.