Stars Show Their Support For Kaepernick

It’s been a year since Fox News host Laura Ingram was saying that NBA players should “shut up and dribble.” However, many all-stars are happy about former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick taking a stand and settling his lawsuit against the NFL.

Kevin Durant, a forward for the Warriors, says that he thinks it’s good for athletes to stand up for what they believe in. He went on to say that a lot of people don’t agree with Kap for kneeling. However, he does, and he’s going to continue to support him. LeBron James, an all-star forward playing for the Lakers has been in support of Kaepernick for a while now.

All-Stars Express The Support For Kaepernick’s Win

Lakers forward LeBron James was especially outspoken in support of Kaepernick’s efforts to bring attention to systemic injustices. He says not only does he stand with Kap, but he kneels with him as well. James says that nobody was wanting to listen or understand where Kaepernick was coming from. James, in a statement, was saying that he has to respect someone willing to sacrifice their livelihood for the betterment of everyone.

LeBron was happy about the fact that the NFL and Kaepernick have settled their suit. He hopes that the message he was wanting to come across does. He says that Kaepernick’s message was not only crucial for African Americans. His message was for everybody wanting to stand for something that’s more important than them.

James was the primary target of Ingram’s shut up and dribble comment. He says that when the situation happened, he knew that her message was more prominent than basketball and that he had to say something. James believes that Ingram’s comments fell on deaf ears. Also, her statement was not only her true feelings but many in America as well.