Vatican Making Headlines For Priest With Kids

The Vatican has been making headlines lately, and not for anything positive. This time around, they are in the news for revealing that there are secret rules in places for priests who father children. However, priests, as many knows, take a vow of celibacy.

Alessandro Gisotti, a spokesman for the Vatican, was able to confirm for reporters that the guidelines do exist. Also, the document is for internal use only. The New York Times was the first to report the existence of Vatican guidelines for priests who father young ones.

Vincent Doyle is the son of a Catholic priest. While talking with The New York Times, says that he has seen the document in question.
When it comes to being in the Catholic Church, priests are to live a life of celibacy, refraining for any forms of sexual activity. With all of the abuse scandals coming out, it is evident that priests are breaking their vows.

Doyle was able to found a group by the name of Coping International. The group brings together children of priests. According to Doyle, the group’s website currently has 50,000 users in 175 countries worldwide.

Vatican Has Guidelines For Priest Who Father Children

According to the Vatican spokesman, the fundamental principle of the guidelines is to protect the children. Priests were to leave the priesthood and live life as a parent. Also, they were to dedicate themselves to their child exclusively.

It’s been two weeks since Pope Francis, made a statement acknowledging for the first time that rape and sexual abuse against nuns by priests and bishops occur within the Catholic Church.

During a press conference, Francis was saying that he believes that it may still be going on. He feels that more should be done to help the women of the Church. This coming Thursday, bishops from all around the world will meet in Rome for a four-day summit on the issue of clerical sexual abuse.