The Greatest Showman Could be Seeing a Sequel

According to director Michael Gracey, Hugh Jackman is working on the development of a sequel to one of his latest movies: The Greatest Showman.

After all, when a movie is as successful as the first one, it’s natural there be a demand for another. And finally, those first steps into the creation of the second movie are underway at last.

The first movie faced an eight-year struggle to get the fantastical musical up and running. Many people had their doubts about the movie; some backers even withdrawing their money.

The Greatest Showman ended up earning over $434 million across the globe. It even stayed in theatrical release for 219 days.

While in progress, there are still questions as to who will be involved in the sequel. It is uncertain if either Zac Efron or Zendaya, who play Philip Carlyle and Anne Wheeler in the first movie, will be returning as their star-crossed lover characters for the sequel.

Earlier this year, Jackman said he’d be more than eager to appear as the showman for a possible sequel should one arise. He said if it felt like the right thing to do, then he’d gladly take out the top hat once more.

A Sequel for The Greatest Showman Has A few Obstacles to Cross before Becoming a Reality

However, a sequel still has to get the green light from Disney. The company is also currently nearing the end of their acquisition of Fox, the studio behind the first movie.

While Fox is in the process of being bought by Disney, there are more than a few obstacles for the Greatest Showman sequel. It took a lot to get the first one up and running, so those involved are ready for another fight. After all, it does take a lot of time, money, and talent to get a musical up and running.

However, the movie already has a fanbase after the rousing success of the first film. With people already in love with the characters, this could have a better chance to work than the first movie.

The movie’s soundtrack since its release has had great success. Soon, Jackman plans to set off on a world tour with his one-man show. There he will perform songs from various movies including The Boy from Oz, Les Misérables, and obviously, the Greatest Showman.