Trump and Kim Impersonators Arrested in Vietnam

Authorities in Vietnam detained two people impersonating Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump. Their appearance came just before the summit between the two world leaders next week in the capital Hanoi.

Howard X, the Kim lookalike, said fifteen officers questioned him and his partner in crime, Russell White, the Trump lookalike, for nearly three hours. Authorities warned them to drop their imitation act.

The two impersonators started making public appearances in the capital for the past few days. They spoke to media and took pictures with the amused public.

Howard X, Hong-Kong born Australian, posted a long post on Facebook about the ordeal. Officials detained both him and his Canadian friend after a talk they gave at a VTC station run by the state.

According to Howard, full name Lee Howard Ho Wun, authorities said this was a sensitive time due to the summit about to take place. They went on to say the duo’s impersonation caused a disturbance.

Impersonators of Trump and Kim Take to Social Media To Tell Their Story

In a lengthy Facebook post, the Hong-Kong born Australian impersonator revealed officials detained he and his Canadian friend following a talk they gave at the state-run VTC station.

Howard went on to say the officials suggested to the pair that for their safety, they should end the public impersonations during their stay in the capital. The two presidents have a wide range of enemies. Because of that fact, the imposters could have been targeted for a political attack.

Howard even claimed an unnamed Vietnamese officer threatened him and his friend with deportation. They mentioned the two broke some immigration rules.

After their lengthy questioning, authorities drove them back to their hotel where they were told to stay. At least until Authorities knew what to do with them.

Howard, although unsurprised at the detainment, he called the entire situation annoying. Howard then bashed Vietnam saying this proves how far it has to go before becoming a developed country.

Later on, Mr. White also confirmed authorities threatened them with deportation should they keep up the impersonations.

Even this past June for the first summit between Kim and Trump, Authorities in Singapore questioned Howard X when he and some others appeared in the city-state.

Howard X also made an appearance during the 2018 Winter Olympics that took place in South Korea. There, he danced before a horrified North Korean cheer squad before security escorted him away.

The presidents of the US and North Korea plan to meet in Hanoi on the last two days of February. The summit will cover talk of the nuclear weapons program in the communist country.