Yoga Pose Sends Woman To Hospital

Stroke from a yoga pose? That was the case for one yoga enthusiast who has a massive Instagram following. The woman chose to open up about an incident that occurred after pushing her poses too far.

Rebecca Leigh, the yogi in question, shared a photo of herself to her more than 26,000 Instagram followers. In the picture, she is in a hospital bed. According to Ms. Leigh, while practicing headstands and handstands, she tore an artery in her neck causing a stroke.

In the post, she says that she would never have thought that she would have a stroke at her age from a yoga pose. She goes on to say to her followers not to feel that she was bashing the practice. However, she added that she was no longer doing any of her crazy headstands or inversions.

Yoga Poses Can Potentially Lead To Stroke, One Woman Had To Learn The Hard Way

Her most significant point was to that no pose is worth your health. During a new interview with SWNS, she was saying that the pain that came about from the pose caused her to feel the pain she has never felt before. According to Leigh, the whole ordeal was terrifying. Her pupils were different sizes, and she could tell that something was seriously wrong. While at the emergency room, they were able to conduct an MRI on Leigh. They were able to find that she had had a stroke.

According to those at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, stroke is number five on the list for cause of death in America. Dr. Jennifer Ashton, the chief medical correspondent at ABC News, says that there are basically two types of strokes. Some strokes come about from bleeding and there those that come about when there is a blockage within a blood vessel. Extreme angle positions can cause bleeding-type strokes.

When it comes to strokes, it doesn’t matter the type, the symptoms all remain the same. Signs to look for are a drooping face, speech difficulty, and arm weakness. If you or someone around you is experiencing any of these symptoms, call 911 immediately.

Ashton recommends people to use common sense when it comes to extending their neck. She says never to have anyone rub your neck too hard over the carotid arteries. Also, try your best to refrain from holding your neck at an extreme angle.