Burger King Dives Into The Vegetarian Market

A few Burger King locations are introducing their version of the famous Whopper sandwich; however, they are using a vegetarian patty. Impossible Foods, a start-up company created the patty.

The new Impossible Whopper is a big move for a young company that is looking to get into the fast food market for vegetarians.

With that being said, there has been some mainstream successes for Impossible Foods and their competitors down in Silicon Valley. Since Jan, Carl’s Jr. restaurants have been serving a vegetarian burger made by Beyond Meat.

Last year, there was an Impossible burger being sold in around 380 White Castles.

However, rolling out a new burger at 7,200 Burger King locations will be astronomical for Impossible Foods. According to Fernando Machado, the chief marketing officer, says that company tests runs have gone flawlessly. He says that even the employees were able to tell the difference between both burgers.

The New Impossible Whopper Will Soon Be Available At Burger King Restaurants In The St Louis, Missouri Area

So far, the Impossible Whopper will be available at 59 restaurants in St. Louis. If things go well at the stores, they will offer the burgers at more Burger King restaurants.

Mr. Machado says that he expects for everything to go well and for the product to do big business wise. Though they have been selling a veggie burger for years now, it doesn’t compare or taste like an actual meaty burger. With the Impossible Whopper, the company is trying to merge beef eaters and vegetarians.

In 2011, Pat Brown, a former professor at Stanford University, was about to found Impossible Foods. Not long after college did he become a vegan himself. The goal for him and his company is to decrease the reliance on the world when it comes to animal agriculture.