Space Jam 2 Making Sure LeBron Is Comfy

Many people were in awe once they found out there was going to be a Space Jam 2. Many were speculating who the lead star would be since Michael Jordan hasn’t been on the court in almost 20 years. However, LeBron James was able to snag the role out of the many contenders. With that in mind, the star player also has to focus on his NBA training.

Currently, James is focusing on his plans for the summer which includes the filming of Space Jam 2. As to not forget where he stands, workers will be building the basketball star a full-length basketball court on the film’s set.

Space Jam 2 will be LeBron’s first role as a lead actor. He wants to be able to keep his performance up for the game time while filming the movie. To do so, James will sure not to miss any of his workouts.

Space Jam 2 Coming Out In 2021, LeBron To Star As Lead

For LeBron, entering an early offseason has been a challenge for the all-star player. He usually has an extra two months of training so that he can be ready for the next season.

When it comes to Michael and LeBron playing the same role, there are other comparisons. Mike also had his own court during the filming of the Original Space Jam. According to reports from ESPN, NBA stars such as Patrick Ewing, Shaquille O’Neal, Reggie Miller, Dennis Rodman, and Charles Barley all came to visit MJ. While playing with Miller, many were saying that it was full of trash talk and to let the two go at it. People on the set felt as though it was like watching an all-star offseason.

LeBron having his own court for Space Jam 2 could bring out a lot of LeBron’s friends. That potentially means that we could see Dwayne Wade or even Chris Paul on the court playing with James. It may also become the offseason home from players such as Camelo Anthony and Kevin Durant. People are crossing their fingers!

Space Jam 2 will be in a theater near you in 2021.