Airbnb In Trouble As Family Finds Hidden Camera

A family from New Zealand couldn’t believe that there was a hidden camera in a smoke alarm in the Airbnb. They were able to find the camera after the father of the family was connecting his phone to the Wi-Fi.

Nealie Barker chose to speak about the encounter on her Facebook account on April 1. On her page, Nealie was able to post two photographs. One was of the smoke alarm and the other was a picture of Nealie and their kids.

According to reports from Kiwi media outlet Stuff, Nealie and her family were going to be stating in Ireland for three days beginning March 3. However, While in the Airbnb, her husband could feel that something wasn’t right.

Since her husband is an IT tech, he was able to scan for ports in the device and was able to find a live feed. Through his mobile phone, they were all able to see themselves in real time. The camera was able to look in the living room., kitchen, and dining area.

Though the family has seen their fair share of odd things, they take it all in stride. However, the camera in the Airbnb was something new, and it was terrifying for the family.

Airbnb To Refund Money To Family Who Was Able To Fine A Hidden Camera In Their Home

Now, the couple did pay the Airbnb in full. However, the mother of the family was feeling that going to a hotel was going to be better.

She says that it wasn’t until later on that night that she quickly began to feel uncomfortable in the house. The family was able to gather their things and chose to spend the rest of the night at a hotel.

According to Baker, the host of the Airbnb was upset and hung the phone up on her. Afterward, they called back to admit that there was a camera but it was there to protect his assets.