Toothpaste Takes The Life Of Young Girl

A young girl from Southern California lost her life after having an allergic reaction to toothpaste containing milk. As now, her parents are spreading the word for other parents to be on the lookout.

In a report to Allergic Living, Monique Altamirano was saying that she feels as though she failed her daughter. Her daughter, Denise Saldate, had a dairy allergy. Ever since she was a year old, she ha been seeing an allergist.

According to Altamirano, her family was always on the lookout to make sure products were safe for Denise to ingest. Unfortunately, it was a new prescription toothpaste that became the demise of Denise. On April 4th, things began to go awry for young Denise.

Her mother says that Denise came to her saying that she was having an allergic reaction. At the time, Denise’s lips were blue. Altamirano took her daughter and put her in the bed. She then ran to the living room to tell her daughter to call 911 before grabbing an EpiPen.

Toothpaste With Milk Causes Young Girl To Die

She first gave her daughter an injection from the EpiPen. She then began to administer CPR. Though Denise was able to make it to the hospital, she died two days later. The toothpaste, Mi Paste ONE, does contain a warning label about there being milk protein in the product. However, no one saw the warning label.

Altamirano wants to bring awareness to the issue. She says it’s best to take all precautions and read all labels. There is currently a GoFundMe for Denise. On the page, it describes her a being a “loving daughter, sister, cousin, niece, and friend with such an amazing personality.” Parents of children with allergies should never get comfortable about reading labels. You never know when you may miss something.

Before her death, she was the star of her own YouTube Channel.