Lululemon Launches Sneakers

Coming soon to Lululemon: Sneakers. Although Lululemon is known for women’s yoga pants, that’s just the start. Beyond that the brand has expanded into numerous categories, such as outerwear, running gear and men’s clothing.

CEO Calvin McDonald said during a presentation for analysts that they tested and learned a lot on footwear. What they discovered is that the customer resonates with Lululemon selling footwear. “We believe we’ve identified an opportunity that will be unique to us, and unique within the marketplace,” he said.

Although the company has been selling sneakers since 2017, it’s not their brand. It’s a collaboration with APL, a young label focused on high-end performance sneakers.

Lululemon is keeping future details about its footwear under wraps; however, the brand is known for focusing on premium products that are meant to perform. This focus might help the company stand out from other sneaker brands, such as Everland and Allbirds.

Sneaker manufacturing tends to be more difficult than making clothes. However, Lululemon has some existing strengths. The company already has a background in making technical products, and it has a loyal customer base willing to pay its premium prices. If shoppers love their sneakers as much as their other products, that business could be a robust engine for long-term growth.

Growth is exactly what the company has in mind at the moment. According to data, Lululemon is now second only to Nike in sales of women’s athletic-wear in the US.