Austin Rivers To Play In Game 2 Against Warriors

Austin Rivers, a guard for the Rockets, says that he will be playing during Game 2 on Tuesday against the Warriors. He wasn’t able to play during Game 1 because he had the flu and a stomach virus. Mike D’Antoni, a coach for the Rockets, says that Rivers is doing a lot better than he was on Sunday.

In an interview from Austin, he was saying that he was feeling as though he was on his death bed. He says that it was a 24-hour flu and stomach virus. While ill, Austin Rivers wasn’t able to remove himself from his bed. Also, he could no ear or drink. Running and jumping was out of the question for Austin.

Austin Rivers Was Out For Game 1 But Will Return For Game 2 Against The Warriors

According to Rivers, he has never been away from a game due to illness. Even through injuries, he would play through them. He has been playing for the Rockets since December 24. Since joining the team, he has only been away for one game this season. He was able to receive three treatments on Sunday. Austin says that he would have played through the game. However, if he did play, he would have had to take a lot of breaks to go to the bathroom.

When it comes to tonight’s game, he says that he will be on the court. Austin wants to be there for his team more than ever. He feels as though he could have been of good help to his team. In the interview, Austin was saying that he doesn’t like missing games. He was feeling like a baby.

D’Antoni was wanting to see how Rivers was feeling on Tuesday. Iman Shumpert was playing for Rivers. He was able to make one of his four shots during the game. According to D’Antoni, he did not look in the best shape. However, he has hope that he will be ready for Tuesday’s game.