Military Officers In Venezuela Die In Copter Crash

On Saturday, seven military officers tragically died in a helicopter crash while they were on their way to meet the president of the country and troops. Days before the incident, there was a military uprising in the country. President Nicolás Maduro was showing his support of the military officers in his country at the time of the tragic accident.

Earlier in the morning, the helicopter carrying the military officers rammed in the to a mountain. Investigators are currently looking into the situation. In a statement from the military, they say that the copter was on it’s way to San Carlos in Cojedes State.

There, Mr. Maduro was waiting with those at a military academy. The goal for the event was to show that even though a small group of security forces turned against him earlier in the week, the rest of the military was on his side and loyal. Juan Guaidó, an opposition leader, was trying to overthrow the government.

Military Officers Die In Helicopter Crash On Saturday

There were two lieutenant colonels and five lower-ranking officers on the copter. As of now, there is no information on whether or not the helicopter was a presidential copter.

Mr. Maduro was wanting to use Saturday as a day to show that there was strength and commodity within the Venezuelan military. He was attempting to bring the troops together.

The president of Venezuela was wearing a camouflage hat while on national television. Clips online show him shaking hands and fist bumping troops.

Mr. Guaido was urging his followers to go to military sites. While there, they were to persuade other troops to turn their backs on the current president. Since in office, there have been talks about how the country has gone downhill financially.

However, there were demonstrators in the country who were printing and handing documents to officers. The documents were saying that it was important for the Venezuelan military to help the country more.