Jordan Peele And Other Directors Boycott Georgia

Jordan Peele, a comedian-turned-director has been able to make a lot of money by exploiting the racial divide in America. With movies such as “Get Out” and his episodes of the “Twilight Zone,” he has been able to bring these issues to the forefront.

However, to expect that he will bring up the point that more black babies are aborted than babies than allowed to be born would be a mistake. He may not speak on the fact that tax dollars from American taxpayers go to a eugenicist racist.

According to reports from the Hollywood Reporter, Peele along with J.J. Abrams have both come out with a statement that they will not be shooting their HBO drama “Lovecraft County” in Georiga. The reason being, the state has passed a law that bans abortions. But there’s more. They are banning abortions after doctors detect the baby’s heartbeat within the mother’s womb.

Jordan Peele And Other Directors Boycott Georgia Over New Abortion Law

In a dueling statement, the two say that Governor Kemp’s ‘Fetal Heartbeat’ Abortion Law is unconstitutional. Also, it restricts not only women but their health providers from making medical decisions how they see fit. They feel that this is an attack on women.

With that in mind, al funds that come from the production the show will go towards combating the new law.

Jordan Peele has gone on record saying that he would not cast a white male lead in any of his movies. He joins J.J. Abrams and four other production companies were able to make their decision. They did so on Thursday about boycotting the state of Georgia.

The CEO of Killer Films, Christine Vachon, made the decision to no longer shoot any of her films in Georgia. She won’t do so until they overturn the ridiculous law.

The producers of whos such as “The Wire” and “The Duce,” David Simon, says that in good conscious as any female who works for him to shoot in the state.