Ellen Signs Show for Another Three Years

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” isn’t going anywhere — at least until 2022.

Ellen DeGeneres posted a video on Twitter Tuesday, announcing the extension of her show for another three years.

She writes that doing the show has been the best years of her life.

The comedian says she has been doing the show for 16 years. Since the beginning, DeGeneres aspired to treat her show as a relationship.

She says that sometimes you need to take a break in a relationship. However, she doesn’t. Viewers are stuck with her for another three years.

DeGeneres also addresses the rumors spreading about her show ending and said she wanted to be the first to announce it wasn’t true.

However, someone already did it.

She jokes that Daenerys Targaryen from “Game of Thrones” leaked the news in the series finale on Sunday. She played a clip of Daenerys speaking to her army with captions, making it seem like Daenerys was announcing the continuation of Ellen’s show.

In a New York Times interview, DeGeneres states that she was considering her options once her contract came to an end in 2020.

DeGeneres says she initially wasn’t sure what the show would turn into. The fans helped her realize the value of her show.
She states she went through a tough time when she lost her career for a little while. The show was her second chance. It turns out, it was able to help out other people, too.

DeGeneres said she’d received letters from fans who are inspired by her show. Some of them find joy and support as they go through chemotherapy. Others laughed for the first time after watching DeGeneres.
“That’s why I’m going to keep doing this show,” DeGeneres said. “For people like you.