Cocaine Causes Man To Die, Mid Flight

People have been trying to smuggle drugs on planes and trains for a long time now. Some make it to their destination with their drug of choice, however many do not. That is the case for one Japanese man as well what was his demise. On Monday, it was announced that a man from Japan who was flying home from Colombia did not make it home after dying mid-air. He has ingested not one, not two, but 246 packets of cocaine. Talk about overkill!

As of now, authorities are calling the man Udo N. He was flying from Bogotá’s El Dorado Airport, Colombia, to Narita International Airport, Tokyo with AeroMexico this past Friday. However, Udo began to convulse and have seizures on the plain, according to Fiscalía General de Justicia del Estado de Sonora.

Unfortunately, the airplane was not able to make an emergency landing in time. The Japanese man died around 2:00 a.m at the age of 42. They were attempting to land at Mexico’s Hermosillo International Airport.

Accidental Cocaine Ingesting Leads To Mans Death

Officials were able to do an autopsy on the man. According to reports, medics were able to find 246 packets and a two-and-a-half centimeter plastic bags residing in his intestines. However, some the bag split open in his stomach. The cocaine was intense enough to cause his brain to swell, resulting in his cause of death. All of the bags were full of cocaine.

There are tweets of images of the Japanese man being taken from the plane to a medical van. The small bags in his stomach were measuring to be one by two and a half centimeters. They each had about two grams of the powder in them a piece.

According to doctors at the Desert Hope Treatment Center, 0.096 grams is enough cocaine to cause a lethal reaction. When it comes to drug smugglers, it’s common for them to die this way. They swallow the drugs as a way to avoid detection from authorities.