Gotham Is Getting a New Face for its Old Hero

Robert Pattinson is hoping to say an over-due farewell to the small town of Forks, Washington and hello to Gotham.

The actor officially announced he is the new face of Batman in the upcoming film The Batman with Matt Reeves as its director. The Hollywood Reporter says Pattinson won against Nicholas Hoult, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Armie Hammer for the dream superhero job.

In obtaining this role, Pattinson is now part of an elite group of actors who played the famous caped crusader. Over the past several years, actors such as George Clooney and Michael Keaton have acted behind the iconic black suit. Ben Affleck is the last star that drove the Batmobile.

As history has it, not everyone can pull off this iconic character and give him justice. This past February, Affleck mentioned he wanted to pass down the bat suit saying he couldn’t quite crack it as Gotham’s hero. He figured it was time for someone else to give it a try. Affleck gave his blessing to the upcoming movie saying he’s excited since producers have cast some good people.

It’s more than safe to say that Pattinson is following in some major stars’ footsteps. Hopefully, he can live up to the legacy these other actors have left to him.

The Various Faces of the Gotham based Hero

Christian Bale took the caped crusader to new heights with his darker and edgier interpretation of the superhero. Bale brought Bruce Wayne into the modern era with his rendition.

George Clooney donned the mask in 1997’s film Batman & Robin. Unfortunately, it seems the actor is disappointed in his portrayal of Batman, claiming he wasn’t a good fit for the role. Before leaving, he tried to convince Ben Affleck not to do it.

Despite being warned by Clooney, Ben Affleck wasn’t aware of the immense pressure that comes with playing the orphan-turned-superhero. After starring in three movies as Batman, Affleck said he realized that he couldn’t continue with the role either.

Some fans still debate who was the O.G. Batman, some point to Michael Keaton as the winner. Along with Michelle Pfeiffer, Danny DeVito, and other stars, this cast is often seen as the stars that shaped Batman into the comic character known and loved by fans far and wide.

Before Clooney took over his role of Batman, Val Kilmer wore the superhero’s outfit in Batman Forever alongside Nicole Kidman and Jim Carrey.

David Mazouz from the TV series Gotham played a young Bruce Wayne. Mazouz worked hard to create a masterpiece telling of the origin of one of the most famous superheroes.

While Will Arnett never technically wore the iconic black suit, he did voice the Lego Movie’s comedic and edgy version of Batman.

And let’s not forget Adam West, the man who made history as one of the first stars to play Batman both on the television and film.