Pat Haden Under Investigation in College Admissions Scandal

According to The Wall Street Journal, federal investigators are examining Pat Haden’s potential role in the college-admissions scandal. Haden was a former Southern California athletics director, which is one of the universities in the scandal.

Prosecutors are specifically investigating any possible ties between Haden, USC’s athletics director from 2010-2016, and Rick Singer. Singer is the alleged organizer of a scheme that fraudulently altered test scores as well as inflating athletic achievements of college applications. Additionally, he funneled bribes to men’s and women’s coaches at universities such as Texas, USC, UCLA, and Yale.

The Journal states that Haden has only recently become a person of interest to investigators. He has no charges for any part of the scandal so far.

In a statement provided to the Journal, Haden says he met Mr. Singer several years ago by a friend. He claims to have no awareness of his illegal activities.

According to prosecutors, Singer’s clients paid more than $1.3 million between 2014 and 2018 to