Cuba Gooding Jr. Faces Groping Charges

Cuba Gooding Jr. is currently facing charges of forcible touching a 29-year-old woman this past Sunday around 11:15 p.m. says sources. According to the report, Gooding was under the influence when he grabbed the woman’s breast. However, Cuba continues to deny the accusations. Cuba’s Attorney, Mark Heller, says that footage from the night of the incident does not show him doing anything wrong.

According to Heller, in the footage, the woman making the claims was following Gooding around. At one point, someone tells her to leave him alone. Heller claims that being said to leave Cuba alone must have made her unhappy. Thus, causing her to file a false complaint.

The woman was telling police that the two were in the middle of an argument. Afterward, she chose to leave the club and call 911. However, Heller denies that there was ever an argument between her and his client. Another woman has come forward claiming the Cuba Gooding Jr. touched her buttocks in 2008 while in NYC.

Cuba Gooding Jr. To Face Judge On Groping Charge

While speaking with TMZ, Gooding was saying that he was at the Magic Hour with friends, but he did not touch anyone. He claims that the video footage will show his innocence.

Cuba says that he trusts the system and will let the footage speak for itself. There is footage circling the net of Cuba at the club partying the night away friends and fans alike.

The bar he was at the night of the “incident” is on top of the Moxy Hotel not too far from Times Square. Gooding, who is from the Bronx, became famous after his starring role in “Boyz N the Hood” in 1991.

A few years later, he was able to win his first Oscar. It was for his role alongside Tom Cruise in the movie “Jerry Maguire.” A line from the film, “Show me the money” has become a famous catchphrase of Gooding’s.