James Harden And Chris Paul Bumping Heads

League sources are saying that the relationship between Houston Rockets stars James Harden and Chris Paul is no longer salvageable. Both parties no longer want to play on the same team as each other.

Sources also say that Paul wants to be traded to a different team. During the second-round loss to the Golden State Warriors, Harden was telling coaches that is was either him or Chris that needed to go.

The star players didn’t speak to each other for almost two months, causing a lot of tension on the team.

James Harden and Chris Paul No Longer Want To Play For Same Team

Though Paul was making attempts at opening the walls of communication with Harden, Harden chose not to answer any of his calls. During practice games, the two were getting under each other skin using petty tactics.

However, this isn’t a first for Paul. Before his trade to Houston during the summer of 2017, he was clashing with teammates while playing with the Los Angles Clippers.

One source close to the league says that both parties remain disrespectful to each other. They believe that it is best that the two stay away from each other. Though Chris Paul doesn’t respect Harden’s stance within the league, James Harden isn’t recognizing the work that Chris Paul has put in throughout his career to now.

As a means to revamp the team’s roster, Morey has been shopping not only Paul but other players as well. However, Paul’s contract calls for him to earn $38.5 million, $41.3 million and $44.2 million within the next three seasons. Most teams aren’t willing to foot the bill for that amount.

Though there is hope that the Warriors may pick up Paul due to Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson being free agents. However, Paul has said time and time again that he would rather not.