Lizzo, An Up and Coming Artist To Listen To

The MTV Movie & TV Awards usually puts most of the focus on the actors the night of the award show. Plus, they like to throw in a few musicians to keep the party going. However, this year the artist Lizzo was able to steal the show. Though relatively new to the music scene, Lizzo has enough music out to make a fan out of anyone.

  • Her name is not really Lizzo. It’s actually Melissa Jefferson.
  • Though she utilizes rapping and singing during her performances, she has other talents. Lizzo can play many different instruments. Often times, she uses the flute during her performances and fans love it when she brings it out. As a matter of fact, Lizzo studied classical flute performance and was also a part of the marching band at her college.
  • Though she makes incredible music on her own, she also has some notable collabs. For example, before his death, Lizzo was able to work Prince! In 2014 she and Prince did a collaboration on his album Plectrumelectum. The song she is on that album is “BoyTrouble.” When speaking about the experience, she explains that it was surreal. She also has songs with artists such as Missy Elliot and Charli XCX.

Lizzo, The Artist Everyone Is Raving Over

  • In 2019, Lizzo was able to release her first full-length album. Though he has been dropping many EPs, this past April, she was able to drop her first album, Cuz I Love You. The collection includes catchy songs such as “Juice,” “Truth Hurts,” and “Water Me.”
  • Not only is Lizzo outspoken in her music, but also when it comes to female rights, racial equality, and also equality for those in the LGBTQ community. She is not shy when it comes to body positivity. One thing that made her stand out in the music industry was her choice to pose completely nude for the cover of her album. Talk about Girl Power!