Flesh-Eating Virus Takes Woman’s Life

A Florida woman died after contracting a flesh-eating virus in the Gulf of Mexico. It was just a week and a half after her injury.

The family of Lynn Fleming, 77, said the grandmother was visiting Coquina Beach when she scraped her left leg in the water. This is a popular beach in Manatee County.

Though it doesn’t happen often, it does happen, and communities specifically in Florida are on the watch. Even after the diagnosis, the effects of the virus can be deadly.

As the days went by, her condition became worse and worse. After falling ill, Fleming went to a hospital a day after her injury to see what was causing her not to feel well. There, they gave her a tetanus shot and a prescription. However, her family says she never received antibiotics.

Woman Catches Flesh-Eating Virus While Visiting Popular Beach

The infection is Necrotizing Fasciitis, commonly known as the flesh-eating bacteria.

Necrotizing Fasciitis is rare, but people with compromised immune systems have a harder time fighting the infection according to the CDC.

Wade, Fleming’s son, states that his mother retired in Florida, and she loved the ocean. He says that while he was walking, she didn’t notice that there was a small ditch. She stumbled and scrapped herself on the other side. Wade says that there was a small 3/4-inch long cut on her shin bone.

The grandmother visited the beach on June 14; however, she died 13 days later.

Wade wants people to recognize the symptoms and wants proper care given, which is why he’s sharing his story.

He says if we can get the knowledge out to people, even to the first responders, emergency care, the lifeguard station, so that they can get more educated.

One in three people who contract this bacteria will die, according to the CDC.