Exotic Bird Turns Out To Be Seagul

Here at The Minute Man News, we come across some strange stories, especially when it comes to exotic animals or animals in general. However, this story takes the cake. The story comes out of the UK, and it’s definitely an unusual one. According to reports from our British brothers and sisters, someone brought in what they thought was an exotic bird.

The staff was baffled while looking at the strange orange bird. It was like something out of a fairytale. Ok, maybe not a fairytale but you get where I’m going with this. Those at the UK animal rescue say that the bird, obviously not exotic, was a seagull that someone covered in curry powder. You read that right, curry powder.

Those at the Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital say that when the animal came in, they were all in shock. A call came in before claiming that there was an orange bird sitting on the side of the highway in the city of Buckinghamshire.

Exotic Bird Is Actually a Seagull In Curry

In a post on Facebook, the center was speaking on how strange the bird was, also, that they had never seen one in that condition.

However, they were able to solve the mystery pertaining to the birds color after cleaning off the spices. No, it was not an exotic bird at all. It was an ordinary seagull that was that someone thought to cover in either turmeric or curry powder. Whatever the substance was, it was preventing the bird from being able to fly.

Though they have no clue as to how got into the predicament, they are very thankful that he was healthy. However, the vibrant color and pungent smell had to go!

Vinny, a name that the hospital came up with for the bird. It is short for super-spicy vindaloo curry, a local fav. In the meantime, they are looking for a proper home for the bird. They then will release the gull back into the wild.