Dead Whales Wash Up On Iceland Shores

Thursday was a sad day for nature lovers all over the world. Sightseers in Iceland were able to sadly discover at least 40 dead whales that had washed up on a remote beach.

David Schwarzhans, who words for Reykjavik Helicopter was one of those who saw the dead whales. According to reports, he and several other passengers were able to count at least 50 pilot whales. The long-finned whales were on Löngufjörur beach on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. The beach is on the western part of Iceland. They were all in complete shock to see so many dead whales in one place.

However, David says that there may have been more dead whales than they were able to count. Some of the whales were partially buried beneath the sand. It was a sad scene for those approaching the beach.

At Least 50 Dead Whales Found On Iceland Beach

Currently, there is no apparent cause for the mass stranding. However, pilot whales tend to travel in large numbers. With that in mind, it makes sense as to why there were so many carcasses on the beach at the time.

As of now, marine biologist believes that the cause of death for the whales was dehydration. The beach that the whales were on is inaccessible by car and is isolated. However, helicopters were able to hover above the beach and see the mammals on the beach.

Edda Elisabet Magnusdottir, a Marine biologist, says that it is hard to explain why the whales were approaching the beach in the first place. More than likely, the shallow waters was disorientating them. Whales use echolocation to locate one another, and the sandy floor could have made it hard to find one another.

However, an autopsy report will be able to tell marine biologist how long the whales were on the beach, and possibly their exact cause of death.