McChicken Causes Havoc In Police Office

An Indianapolis sheriff is making headlines over a McDonald’s encounter that went south fast. Last week, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office chose to launch an investigation against a local McDonalds. The reason being, he suspected that someone had taken a bite of his McChicken Sandwich.

The officer in question frequents that particular McDonalds often, and according to news reports, he did not notice the bite until hours later during shift. He says that he was in the process of warming up his McChicken when he was able to see many small bites. However, he claims he knows for a fact that he did not eat any parts of the sandwich. At the time, no one in the station could have taken a bite. So, the officer chose to go back to the McDonald’s to see about the situation at hand.

McChicken Bites Causes For Investigation

After returning to the McDonalds and speaking with a supervisor, they offered him free food. However, the officer did not care about receiving free food. He says that he wanted to know who was responsible for the extra bites in his sandwich and handle the situation accordingly.

On Friday, the sheriff’s office was able to announce their findings when it came to the McChicken eating culprit. It turns outside, the officer had forgotten that he had taken a few bites of the sandwich at the beginning of his shift. In a statement from the sheriff’s office, their employee had taken a bite out of his lunch at the start of his shift and then placed it back in the refrigerator in the break room.

After returning to his sandwich hours later, he had forgotten that he did take a bite from hi McChicken. The officer was able to put his pride to and apologize to those at McDonald’s.