Ohio Woman Loses Limbs

A woman from Ohio had just come home from a vacation in Punta Cana when she had to call out of work due to nausea and backache. Marie Trainer’s body temperature was going from being high to extremely low before she finally was seen at a local Stark County hospital.

On May 11, Marie woke up in a hospital bed, but with fewer limbs than before. During her nine days stay a the hospital, doctors had to amputate not only her hands but her legs as well.

It wasn’t until seven days into the Ohio woman’s stay at the hospital that doctors were finally able to figure what was ailing the woman. At first, they thought that she had a tropical travel disease. However, they were able to figure out that her ailment came from kisses from her German shepherd.

The infection that Trainer was suffering from was a bacteria capnocytophaga canimorsus. The virus came about when her puppy licked on an open wound. The medical director for infectious disease at Aultman Hospital in Canton, Ohio, Dr. Margaret Kobe, was able to treat Trainer.

Ohio Woman Loses Limbs After A Kiss From Her Pooch

According to Dr. Kobe, Trainer was delirious when she came to the intensive care unit. Not too long after, the woman became unconscious, Dr. Kobe says that the woman’s skin began to change colors at an outstanding rate from red to purple. Finally, her skin became gangrene, and she developed a blood clot.

The infection began at the tip of her nose, ears, and then to her face an legs. Fortunately, the woman did not have to lose any parts of her face. However, there were other parts of her body that were in dire need of surgery.

Before the removal of her limbs, her family went to different doctors, looking for second and third opinions. But for Trainer, the damage was done.

Trainer had to receive eight surgeries and is in the process of working with doctors to obtain proper protheses.