Chase Winovich Tweets About Hazing

Chase Winovich recently posted on Twitter that teammate Julian Edelman was hazing him, even tagging the NFL Players Association in his post.

Then Tuesday, his coach took the podium, saying he’s a rookie and needs to learn everything.

Winovich appears to be comfortable with the Patriots who have so far allowed him to keep his flowing blonde hair. However, he still does not have his own number.

He says that every day is just a learning process. When you put yourself in different environments, and uncomfortable situations it forces you as a person and as a player to grow. He looks forward to that: Being the best human and best teammate and best player he could be.

According to his dad, People shouldn’t believe what Winovich posted about hazing on Twitter. He came up from suburban Pittsburgh this week to watch his son.

Allegedly, not only are players like Edelman not giving Chase Winovich a tough time but the reigning Super Bowl MVP plays Fortnite with him almost every night.

His father says that he said their whole organization had been first class, and Brady has been over the top professional and kind. They’ve had a Michigan connection.

Chase Winovich and His Tweet About Hazing

Wearing No. 15 Michigan jerseys, Peter and Chase’s mom Nina, cheered loudly for Chase on Tuesday.

Winovich made a big special teams hit and also went right around Lions offensive tackle Taylor Decker in a one-on-one drill.
He says he approaches on-field combat like Mike Tyson, being fearful of opponents, and didn’t take anything extra from getting past an Ohio State alum.

He states that you take each guy individually and you learn from the previous pass rush. He’s got a couple of pages of notes from those guys. He’s just trying to be the best player he can be.

Throughout the week, Winovich has gotten extra attention from the crowd. He says it’s funny to be getting cheers from fans wearing Lions’ jerseys.

However, according to Chase’s father, this feels just like home.

Though Belichick noted rookies need to “learn everything,” he’s eager to see Winovich play Thursday in the preseason opener.

Belichick describes Chase as tough. He says he’s got the right size, good power. But, like every rookie, he’s got a long way to go and a lot to work on. He’s playing a different game, and the competition’s very high.