Typhoon Lekima Wreaks Havoc In China

Typhoon Lekima came raining down hard on the eastern coastline of China today. At least two dozen people are dead, and over 1 million people had to evacuate their homes as the storm brought heavy rain and water to those in the country.

The storm made its first round in Wenling, a city between Taiwan and Shanghai, China’s mainland financial capital. Weather forecasters were expecting Lekima to be a super typhoon; however, before making landfall, it began to weaken. It was able to sustain winds of 116 miles per hour.

Xinhua news agency was able to report that there were at least 22 people dead. Also, over 200 house collapsed during the storm, and 3,200 were damaged due to the heavy rain and strong winds.

Typhoon Lekima The Cause of Death For Many In China

According to the reports, all of the deaths were in the county of Yongjia, which is on the outskirts of the major port Wenzhou.

A dam in the region broke, causing a fatal landslide in the area. A river in the city rose more than 30 feet before slamming through debris and flooding all of the homes in the area.

Before the storm made it to land, over 1 million people were able to evacuate. Two hundred fifty-three thousand of the people were from Shanghai.

Emergency crews were risking their lives to save those who were stranded on roads due to flooding.

According to officials, their main concerns, besides people dying, is significant flooding in Shanghai.
Fu Songliang, head of a rescue for Ningbo City’s fire service, was able to comment on the situation. According to Fu, the disaster zones are mainly those in rural-urban areas of the city. The area is low, and flooding will impact them significantly.

There were over 3,023 cancelations for flights in Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities in the country as well as train service cancelations.