Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Call It Quits

For years, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have been able to keep their relationship relatively on the down-low. While out together, they were sure to keep as much distance as possible. There are ver photos of the couple together as paparazzi did their best over the years to catch the two in an intimate setting.

However, it looks as though two are calling it quits after six years of silent love. Foxx has been out with different woman over the past couple months. Most recently, he was at a Los Angles night club a few days ago with singer Sela Vave. Since the spotting, there have been speculations that he and Holmes were no longer an item.

Reports from Page Six state that Holmes was out with some of her friends when someone was able to overhear her speaking on her relationship. She was saying that the two’s relationship was over.

According to Page Six, Holmes was overheard at a restaurant discussing Foxx’s outing with friends and revealed that they hadn’t been together for months.

Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes No Longer Together

“What Jamie does is his business — we haven’t been together for months,” she allegedly said.

In March, paps were able to spot Foxx, leaving Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills with a mysterious woman. Rumors began to spread not to long after that he and homes were no longer in a relationship. According to reports from Us Weekly, the actor was out with a mystery woman only a few days after being out with Vave.

Neither of the stars has come out to address any of the rumors publicly. However, Foxx did post a picture on Instagram. In the pic is his daughters Corinne and Annalise. They were on the set of his show “Beat Shazam.”

“We’ve had an incredible season, seen so many lives changed, heard amazing stories, and had a blast!!! Thank you to all u THE FANS for tuning in!!!! Lastly, much love to our contestant Alan who is no longer with us but shed his light on all of us, God Bless his family,” Foxx captioned the image.