Teens Are Using Marijuana Concentrate More

There are different forms of marijuana than what most know of from the 70s. There are dabs, crumble, wax, and shatter. However, studies are showing that teens who use these forms of marijuana are more likely to use other drugs as well.

Marijuana in concentrated forms can have varying potency levels, of THC. THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that gives the high.

There was a recent study by the journal Pediatrics. Researchers were able to survey around 50,000 adolescents in the state of Arizona. Through the study, researchers were able to find that with the teens who did ingest marijuana, 72 percent were using products with stronger potency.

Teens Who Use Marijuana Concentrate Are More Likely To Partake In Hard Core Drugs, According To Recent Studies

According to Madeline Meier, an assistant professor of psychology at Arizona State University, parents should be aware of. In the survey, there were observing 47,142 students. The students were in eighth, 10th, and 12th grades from 245 schools across Arizona in 2018.

Surveyors were asking the students if they had used marijuana or marijuana in a concentrate. They were also asking if they were using other drugs and their thoughts on if cannabis was safe. Certain questions on the survey were made in a way to see if any the kids were engaging in risky behavior.

However, they were able to note that 33 percent of the teens have partaken in other forms of marijuana. Twenty-four percent were saying that have tried concentrated forms of the drug. As the ages of students rose, more and more students were speaking about their marijuana experience.

Fifteen percent of the eighth-graders, 25 percent of the 10th graders and 33 percent of the 12th graders were saying that they used cannabis concentrates. Also, those who use concentrates have the highest rates of trying other drugs.