Hurricane Dorian Displacing Families

Currently, rescue crews are in the process of looking for and evacuating people from the islands of Great Abaco and Grand Bahama. However, relatives and friends are desperately seeking help. They need help to find their loved ones in the Bahamas amidst the destruction since Hurricane Dorian.

Unfortunately, most don’t have access to northern islands due to the catastrophic damage. On Wednesday, search and rescue teams, as well as the U.S Coast Guard and the British Royal Navy were in the area searching for survivors.

With lapses of communication, any news about individuals is not coming in fast enough for some people. So, people are using the help of social media to find their family members and friends.

Hurricane Dorian Causing For People To Find Lost Family Members

Some people are using The site became available Sunday night during the middle of the storm. A realtor in Nassau saw that there was a growing need for people looking for their family members. According to Vanessa Pritchard-Ansell, Facebook groups continue to have growing concerns about more and more people not being found. Currently, a Google Docs spreadsheet with the names of those missing is now 40 pages long and isn’t the easiest to navigate.

Her biggest concern is that the purpose of these pages trying to help connect people with their families. She doesn’t want them to get lost. On Wednesday, Pritchard-Ansell’s site had more than 5,500 missing people. She says that she is working with both the U.S. and Canadian embassies. They are cross-checking names with citizens of both countries. Pritchard-Ansell also has a slew of volunteers helping as well.

In an interview, she was saying that she knows that people have made sites such as hers before. She says that a man from Spain was able to get in contact with her after doing something similar during a different hurricane. With his help, Pritchard-Ansell says that it was able to come together.

Those working for the Bahamian government were able to create a form. The form is for people to complete and it asks questions in detail. However, asks only basic questions: the name of the missing person, the town they were in before the storm, and their status.