UPS Hiring For Seasonal Workers

For the upcoming 2019 holiday season, UPS plans to hire around 100,00 part-time workers. They also plan to pay them handsomely, between $14 and $30 an hour.

UPS chief operating officer Jim Barber says that they expect another record peak season this year. The company forecasts its daily package deliveries to double. RSM chief economist Joe Brusuelas says that it is encouraging to see that the company will have a boost in temporary hiring when it comes to the transportation sector.

According to the company, they had the same season hiring goal as they did last year. However, they were able to exceed over 100,000 new employees.

Another change will be that this year’s holiday shipping season will be shorter by one week. The shipping season will begin November 25th and will end around January 2nd. However, they will keep some of the seasonal hires on board for a few extra weeks.

As of now, UPS expects to provide their holiday shipping projections during October 23rd during their Q3 earnings call.

In 2002, Danelle McCusker Rees began her job as a seasonal hire. Now, she is the domestic president of human resources for UPS. In an interview, she was saying that she could never imagine having the opportunities available for her now after coming from a small town.

UPS Paying Their Seasonal Part-Time Workers Handsomely

While working for the company, McCusker’s has worked for business development, communication, and operations for UPS. UPS employs 380,000 people in the U.S., and a third of them begin as seasonal workers like McCusker Rees. Though season workers typically only work two months for the company, about 35% of them continue to work part-time becoming permanent part-time employees.

There are fantastic benefits that come with working for the company, such as their Earn and Learn Program. The program in question offers up to $5250 a year in tuition reimbursement as well as a lifetime max of $25,000 for their permanent hires.