Amputation Deemed Best Choice For One Woman

A young woman from the UK whose leg was injured during a kayaking accident has chosen to have her leg amputated. The reason for the amputation is due to years of her suffering from a rare chronic pain condition.

22-year old Helena Stone was in a terrible kayaking accident about six years ago. After the incident, she began to develop complex regional pain syndrome or CRPS.

According to the Mayo Clinic, CPRS is a form of chronic pain that typically affects one’s’ arm or leg. The rare condition usually happens to those following their surgery. However, it can come after suffering a stroke, heart attack, or any other injuries.

Most people know the condition as the suicide disease because people who suffer from have taken their own lives out of desperation of needing relief. In 2014, researchers were able to see that over 70 percent of those with CRPS were on high-risk suicide watch.

Amputation For Woman With CRPS

When she was 16, Helena says that her foot got caught in the water and her leg was pulled. According to her statements, she did go see a doctor, but the pain never went away. As time went on, Stone says that she was trying different forms and methods such as spinal injections, physiotherapy, and psychotherapy. However, nothing was helping her.

She says that it feels like some tied barbed wire around her leg, pulling tightly. Anything could trigger her pain, whether it be a knock or a bash. Even air pressure would send Helena reeling.

So, in January, amputation began running through Helena’s mind. She says that she was feeling desperate. For her, it was a mental decision to have doctors remove part of her leg on September 3rd. The surgery was a success, and Stone says that she no longers feels in pain.

Helena will soon receive a prosthetic, and she can’t wait to be up and running again.