Antonio Brown Has To Pay Over Ten Grand

The former doctor of Antonio Brown says that while he was giving him a consultation, the football player was passing gas in his face. Also, that he was three hours late for the appointment, and owes $11,000 in unpaid fees.

Dr. Victor Prisk says that he was apprehensive about signing the then-Pittsburgh Steeler due to his reputation. He is known for not paying his doctor’s bills; however, he chose to take him on as his client. A friend of Brown’s was in the room, videotaping Antonio Brown as he was passing gas while Prisk was testing his body fat levels.

While speaking with those at Sports Illustrated, he was able to comment on the situation. He was saying that Brown’s behavior was childish as the man kept passing gas in his face.

In the video, Brown can be heard saying that he had a lot of fiber prior to his visit to the doctor. His friend then began to laugh.

Antonio Brown Could Not Hold His Flatulence During A Visit To The Doctor

Prisk, a former bodybuilder, and gymnast himself owns Prisk Orthopaedics and Wellness in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. Earlier this month, he filed a suit against Brown, who now plays for the New England Patriots. Brown owes Prisk $11,500 in unpaid fees.

Prisk claims that Brown was saying that he was going to make it worth his while allowing him to be his client. Prisk also says that the football player was wanting to go into business with him. However, every time that he would mention his $500 hourly rate, Brown would “demur” him.

He says that Brown is all talk and needs to pay up. According to those at Sports Illustrated, there is a second woman who has accused Brown of sexual misconduct since his first case in 2017. His former trainer, Britney Taylor, claims that Brown raped her in 2018. He has not been to trial for any of these allegations.