Fast-Food Worker Scamming Patrons

When it comes to going to fast-food restaurants, many don’t take the time to check what is going on behind the windows. However, after reading about this incident, you may want to pay more attention, other than looking for your food.

According to reports from WKRC, an Ohio woman saw an employee snap a picture of her debit card with his phone. It was going on while she was paying for her order.

Trisha Ryan was telling the TV station that the incident was going on while she was on her lunch break. She was at a Burger King on Main Street in Hamilton, Ohio. The Burger King employee was hesitating and looking hard at her card, which prompted her to watch him while he was paying for her order.

Fast-Food Worker In Ohio Taking Photos Of Patrons Credit Cards

She says that she saw him grab his phone and line it up. He then began to hover her card over something on the counter and take a picture of her card. He then began to type on his phone. After taking another picture of her card, he gave Ms. Ryan her receipt. According to Ms. Ryan, she asked him about taking a photo of her card. However, he kept going back and forth with her, saying that he didn’t.

Ms. Ryan was able to get in contact with the restaurant’s manager, who was able to confiscate the employee’s phone. He called 911 because there was evidence of multiple photos of customers’ credit cards on the employee’s phone.

Out of precaution, Ryan canceled her card. She says that she is glad that she was able to see it happen since there were other cards on the employee’s phone.

As of now, police are in the process of examining the worker’s phone. So far, there are no chargers on file for the incident.