Dessert May Not Be On The Menu, Here’s Why

Picture it, you just finished eating a big dinner, and you see a plate of a delectable dessert coming in your direction. Though your body is telling you that it’s full, you find room for dessert anyway. Many people do this on a daily.

The Reason:

The human stomach is a flexible organ that stretches and expands to make space for food. The pressure inside the stomach walls, and the secretion of digestive juices induce the feelings of being full. However, when we want something sweet to eat, our bodies release a hormone that tricks us into thinking that the stomach is not full. Also, the sugar and glucose levels in the food trigger your belly to expand, allowing more food to fit.

The brain will then send out a message to specific muscles to relax so that you can eat more food. Though people typically eat more foods from various food groups, your senses may become bored and find all of the food on your plate less appealing. With that in mind, experts say that you are experiencing ‘dessert stomach’. Once you reach for a sweet dessert, it can refresh your digestive system. Doing so overrides the hormones that were signaling your fullness.

Be aware, though you are feeling like you can eat more, it doesn’t mean that you should. Not only are will your sugar levels climb, but the excessive consumption of sweets can lead to sugar rushes and other health problems. If you notice that this is an ongoing issue, grab a smaller dessert to simmer down that sweet tooth! By doing this, you won’t be throwing your digestive system out of whack. Another option would be to ch0ose healthier sweets or treats without artificial sugars. Finding the right balance in your diet will lead you on the road to a better, healthier life.