Flies Swarm Woman Causing Eye Infection

A woman in California went out for a jog. While jogging, she ran straight into a swarm of flies. The swarm was so thick, and she was swatting them from her face and spitting them out of her mouth.

A month later, her eyes became extremely irritated. After flushing them out with water, a worm came out! Then to her surprise, another one! When she went to the doctors, they found a third one in her eye.

The 68-year-old jogger from Nebraska was only the second person to contract Thelazia gulosa, a parasitic worm. The worm comes from flies common in the northern U.S. and southern Canada regions.

After the extraction of a fourth worm, the conjunctivitis went away. The woman says that she was rounding a steep trail section when she ran into a cloud of small black flies.

According to the researcher who was able to recount the report, she was swatting the flies from her face and spitting them out of her mouth.

Flies Swarm Woman Causing Eye Worms

Though Thelazia gulosa is easily curable, it can wreak havoc on its victims if it lingers long enough. According to researchers at Live Science, the worm typically infects cattle. Also, it is carried by certain face flies that consume eye secretions.

The woman in question, who remains unnamed, was only the second person in the world to contract this worm species. In 2016 a 26-year-old woman was fishing, and horseback riding along the Oregon coast was the first to contract this worms and disease.

Richard Bradbury, a worker for the CDC, says that they previously thought that there were only two different species of these king of eye worms infecting humans. He specifically works for the Division of Parasitic Diseases and Malaria. Bradbury was able to study both worms in the women’s cases. With his help, they now can add Thelazia gulosa, to their list.