Russian Professor Dismembers Student Lover

Oleg Sokolov, a historian from Russia, was seducing his female students and being violent toward them. He made a career out of impersonating Napolean Bonaparte. However, the Russian professor had a dark secret. According to the wife of a prominent Russian television personality, Lydia Nevsorva, he would act as though he was invincible.

On Monday, 63-year-old Sokolov was in front of a judge, crying uncontrollably. He was expressing his deep repentance for the slaying and dismembering of his student love, 24-year-old Anastasia Yeshchenko.

Russian Professor Now Seeing His Day In Court For Killing and Dismembering His Student Lover

On Saturday, Sokolov had to be fished out of a river in St. Petersburg, after falling in, drunk. With him was a backpack containing Yeshchenko’s arms. After searching his apartment, officials were able to locate a decapitates corpse. According to local news outlets, Sokolov was planning to dispose of the victim’s body parts int the river. He was also going to commit suicide while adorning Napoleon garb.

Those who were once fans of the Russian professor have been doing their best to distance themselves from Sokolov. People in Russia are wondering how a man who was accusations of having a violent and bullying behavior, was able to keep his job for so long. He was an assistant professor at St. Petersburg University. Not only is the school President Vladimir V. Putin’s alma mater, and he is also one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the country.

On Monday, angry protesters were able to collect 20,000 signatures online over no one doing anything about his previous accounts of abuse. In the petition, it asks for university officials to receive punishment for failing to act on earlier complaints against the Russian professor.

Such complaints include one from a female student who was also a previous lover, E.V. Ivanova. In 2008, it states that Sokolov was extremely furious about her not wanting to be with him anymore. Sokolov chose to tie her up to a chair, beat her, and threatened to disfigure the young woman with a hot iron. However, she was able to escape and able to describe the murder attempt. The Russian professor never saw a day in court.