Popeyes Employees Brawl Inside Store

Popeyes is making headlines all over, and for various reasons. People are talking about their new sandwich. Some headlines are about a stabbing that occurred while folks were waiting in line. However, this article is about an incident involving one of the franchisees’ employees.

According to WITI, multiple employees at a Milwaukee, Wisconsin Popeyes, are now without a job after participating in a wild brawl that was caught on camera. Cellphone footage from inside the restaurant shows the fight going on while customers were eating their food. The incident occurred at 9:30 p.m. inside the Popeyes near 76th and Good Hope Road.

Popeyes Employees Fight While In The Store

Richard Fourté, a customer at the Popeyes, says that he chose to go inside the restaurant that night to avoid the long drive-thru line.
While inside, he says that he was thinking that there were a lot of people working that night. According to Fourté, the tension was thick in the restaurant, and so he grabbed his cellphone and began recording. He says that the calmness inside the restaurant began to turn to chaos, quickly.
Fourté says that someone yelled out that a fight was starting. The employees ran back behind the counter, and he wasn’t able to get footage of the fight once they left from upfront.

In a matter of seconds, the employees were back in the front of the house, fighting not too far from where Fourté was standing. He saw several employees throwing punches at each other. However, the fight didn’t last long, but Fourté wasn’t able to get any food either. He says that he wasn’t there for the chicken sandwich.

Once police were on the scene, they were able to see that there weren’t any weapons on the premises. Also, no charges were made. As so now, it is unclear why the fight happened in the first place.