Sperm Whale Dies With Trash In Stomach

When it comes to marine life, they are already in the process of losing most of their homes. However, with the overflow of garbage in our oceans, many are losing their lives, like one sperm whale in question. A sperm whale that was right off the shores of Scotland died after being stranded. Researchers were opening the mammal up for a necropsy before exploding. They were able to find a 200-pound ball of trash within the mammal’s stomach.

On Nov. 28, the male juvenile whale was on the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides. According to researchers at the Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme (SMASS), researchers weren’t able to reach the sperm whale until 48 hours after noticing it stranded.

On their Facebook page, SMASS chose to post a video that shows the whale’s guts hanging on the outside of its body. Due to their size, whales have great insulation that allows for their bodies to remain warm while in near-freezing waters. However, the animals’ decompose very quickly, sometimes leading to their bodies exploding.

Sperm Whale Dies Off The Coast Of Scotland With 200 Pounds of Trash In Intestines

It wasn’t the explosion that through the researchers off, but the giant trash ball. Inside of the ball was sections of nettings, plastic cups, bundles of ropes, plastic straps, gloves, bags, and tubing. There is a graphic picture of the find on the SMASS Facebook page.

Be that as it may, SMASS says that the animal’s first appearance wasn’t poor. Though it is possible that the garbage was a significant factor when it comes to the animal’s stranding, there was no evidence of the trash obstructing the intestines.

According to the organization, the trash came from both the land and fishing sectors. They were unable to move the 20-ton mammal, so they chose to bury him at the beach. Also, they will continue to conduct research as to why there was so much garbage in the sperm whale’s stomach cavity.