Monkey Gestures Gets Man Barred From Game

Police were able to receive a tip about a fan making racist monkey gestures during the Manchester’s City game. According to City, they are in the process of working with officials because someone was throwing objects on the field.

As of now, police have a 41-year-old man in custody on suspicion of racially aggravated public order. During Saturday’s game, someone was able to film a man making monkey gestures towards a player. He was also making sounds towards players on Manchester’s team at the Etihad Stadium.

The incident was occurring while a midfielder went to take a corner during the second half. Someone threw an object, hitting him. After the 26-year-old from Brazil was saying that he didn’t see anything on the field. It wasn’t until he was in the locking that he saw that it was lighter. Ole Gunner Solsklaer, the boss of the says that Fred and Jes were both taking a corner. He was able to see the video and speak with both gentlemen.

Man Making Monkey Gestures At Baseball Game Under Investigation

In a statement from the team, they say that they are working with officers to identify the offenders Those on social media were able to find out who the man making the monkey gestures was. Also, that he was working for the infrastructure firm Kier Group. In a tweet from the company, they were saying that there is an ongoing investigation in the works. Also, that the employee was under suspension.

Also, they say that they are aware of the video making its rounds on social media. Those at Kier have a no-tolerance policy when it comes to racism and is currently investigating the situation as a whole.

According to a spokesperson for Premier League, anyone who is racist towards one of their players deserves to receive some form of punishment. It was only a year ago that City striker Raheem Sterling was in the news after being subjected to racial abuse.