Tom Joyner No Longer Hosting Radio Show

For years, when people hear “oh, oh, oh, it’s the Tom Joyner Morning Show!” they knew they were going to be listening to magic. However, it seems as though the magic is coming to an end, and many are not happy.

Tom, the host of the “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” is signing off for good. Friday’s morning show was his last show after being on the air for close to 25 years now. Sadly, he is retiring from radio. Until now, millions of people were sure to tune into his station every day.

Tom Joyner Leaves Radio For Good

In a statement from Tom himself, he was saying that there wasn’t a template for syndicated Urban radio 20 years ago. He says that he and others alike were and continue to work hard to prove that there was a market for their kind of stations. Their main focus was to empower African-American listeners.

In its place will be “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show,” a hip-hop program. According to Radio Insight, the radio show will be taking over many of Tom Joyner’s affiliates.

Joyner, who is 70, says that he plans to devote all of his time to his Tom Joyner Foundation. His foundation helps to provide scholarships and initiatives to students so that they can attend histrionically black colleges. Since the airing of his last show, many on Twitter are sending him best wishes as well as expressing the impact of Joyner’s show.

Sports journalist Bomani Jones was saying that it’s not easy to be entertaining, informative, and educational. It’s even harder, he says, to do so without talking down to your audience. However, Tom was able to do so every day for years. Jones, as well as many others, will miss being able to hear him first thing in the morning every day.