Texas Teen Dies After Contracting The Flu

The flu has been taking the lives of many this year. Recently, it took the life of a 16-year-old girl from Texas. According to her family, it wasn’t long after contracting the disease that her passing came.

Theresa “Reese” Termulo was a student at Bishop Lynch High School in East Dallas. Last week, the Texas native died after contracting the flu virus. Her father, who happens to be a pediatrician, was able to speak on his daughter’s situation. During a prayer service, he was able to talk about it.

Cesar Termulo, Theresa’s father, says that he tells his patients of the dangers that can come with contracting the flu daily. However, in reports, he says that it was very shocking for his daughter to die from the virus. Termulo says that her death came about fast.

Officials at the Dallas County of Health and Human Services were not able to confirm yet whether or not the teen’s death came from the flu. It is also not clear whether or not she received the flu vaccine this year.

Texas Teen Passes Away

Chris Rebuck, the President of Bishop Lynch, was able to speak about the untimely death of his student. He says that she was diligent and hardworking with a warm spirit. According to Rebuck, Theresa was also a member of the school’s dance team. Also, she had an interest in trying out for a leadership position on the team next year.

He will remember her as being a kind and caring person. Rebuck says that she was a great friend to many, and they will all miss her dearly.

Theresa wasn’t the only death from the flu out of Texas this year. A ten-year-old from Coppell Texas was battling the flu when he died. Officials are currently working on determining whether the virus was the cause of his death as well.